UNDER INVESTIGATION progress bar not advancing for Abu Dhabi

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The ATW quests starting from Abu Dhabi no longer have any separate Mastery Quests (the get all 5 trophies in all 3 scenes). The only scenes in which you are required to get all 5 trophies in the 3rd scenes in each of the said cities, but only for the purpose of completing Part 3 of each quest (or no. 7 on the Maps), not as a separate Mastery Quest. You will note from a mere examination of each of the Maps that the Abu Dhabi, Cape Town and Courcheval Maps do not have trophy icons on each of the scenes, hence, no Mastery Quest. That also explains the locks on the 3rd circles on the reverse side of the Maps. The 3rd circle corresponds to the Mastery Quest, which, as stated, is no longer a quest starting from Abu Dhabi. Hence, the 3rd circle is locked because it is not in play.

For Moscow, gameshs did not include the third circle (because there is no Mastery Quest) hence it appears as complete. Don't know why that was not continued for the succeeding cities. Still, it does not matter because there is no Mastery Quest for those cities as well.

Your ATW city quest is complete if, on the front of the city map, quests nos. 1 to 7 are ticked off and all buildings are shown as built.

There really is a set expiration period for each city. Even if you have completed all quests per city, they will still expire.
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