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This year, 43 candidates Chengdu Liang solid again this year to enroll in the national entrance Jinniu. In the 1990s,air max solde, he had a net worth of millions, this is the 14th to take the exam. Yesterday,longchamp homme, the reporter found a teahouse teahouse owner of this particular candidate, who was known as "Professor beam". Liang truth, from high school since the beginning of 1983, he had struggled for 27 years to his college dreams, his goal this year is the Department of Mathematics, Sichuan University. "If you pass the test this year, next year with my son to take the exam."
Preparing for college entrance
Easy reading tea
"My review site is not at home, but in the teahouse. Teahouse easily get tired just acquaintances talk."
Seven meters a few sturdy figure, sporting a short hair, simple and honest and crisp sound, this is the first impression gives a solid beam. Yesterday, the 43-year-old Liang solid (another ID is displayed as 41 years old) holding a "Sichuan college entrance sprint volume independent proposition for fine," the science comprehensive volume, sitting in a teahouse in Chengdu Jinniu review.
Beginning in 2002, teahouse owner and columns often see Wu Liang solid data to hold all kinds of Entrance Exam to do the exercises of reading tea. "I did not believe he was going to college entrance examination, then a long time to believe." Wu in a row that the beam so real dedication to take the exam, it should be a conviction. "Every time he says they just want to go to college, a dream round,hogan outlet online, with this belief will persist for so long. He feels quite perseverance, quite ideal."
"Now I get up at 8:00 every day, or the sleepy sleep, morning, afternoon and evening will read review." Liang truth, his review site not at home, but in the teahouse. "Teahouse easily get tired just acquaintances talk." Because he frequented the teahouse review, many teahouse boss met with him. "This year feels in good shape, test Sichuan have more confidence!"
College Entrance Examination power
Family round university dream
"My brothers and sisters a total of five people had gone to college, I was the fourth eldest is to fight one,Hollister Abercrombie, this dream must be round."
"This is my 14th college entrance examination,hogan rebel, I graduated from high school in 1983, began, will have the opportunity to participate in a (university entrance exam)." Liang truth, their own test so many years still persist, because he "did not give up."
In 1983, Liang Wen Gong really Renshou County high school to enroll in post-secondary first entrance, but it was in before the official entrance examination,sac longchamp pliage solde, as well as a selection of properties with a pre-college entrance exam, by pre-exam to participate in formal exam. Liang really just fallen off of the preliminary examination. From 1984 to 1986, he voted in the annual pre-exams. In 1987, Liang Neijiang review in a few months back Renshou enrollment college entrance examination. This time, he for the first time by pre-test, but only 400 in the formal entrance examination pay would,louboutin ebay, unfortunately, get the job.
In 1992, due married, beams only participate in advlt college entrance examination, but not ideal institutions admitted. After the result of "disdain" advlt college entrance examination and was abandoned. In 2001, the entrance age and marital restrictions canceled later, Liang real in 2002 in Chengdu sign up to take the exam again, test scores 370 extra points.
The reference beam is real, "intermittent" 14th college entrance examination three years later. "The first 13 times are not so good test." Liang actually say, when his own high school grades is not good, but the desire of the university is very strong. "My brothers and sisters on a total of five people do not have to the university, I was to fight a fourth of this must be admitted to the (university), this dream must be round."
Outside the entrance examination
 ,sac longchamp;
It had a net worth of one million
"He did not like the others is the college entrance examination to get a good job, there is a good future, because he is the boss, already wealthy."
"My goal this year is to test Sichuan University, other schools will not be admitted to read, I am still confident." Liang real voice was loud, he said he did not admitted 13 times, mainly because before not firmly grasp of knowledge, understanding is not thorough. "After this review a few months, I had an epiphany feeling!"
Liang had to borrow money to do business in the real 1994, the first year it earned more than 100 million. After his double in a timber business, in April this year due to be relocated and closed. "I do not do business temporarily, review every day." He said he began enrollment in January this year after the review, the feeling grow a lot.
 ,sac de voyage longchamp;
"In 2002 and 2006, integrated science is only 160 extra points, although do not participate in school tests, but start to question more smoothly, the science comprehensive than ever before must do well." Liang actually say, and he does not side branches , more balanced performance. He recalled that in 2002 and 2006 are 92 languages, specific scores in other subjects do not remember, just remember the number is probably out. Unfortunately, he did not score a single year left.
College entrance anecdotes
When parents put me old
"On several occasions I have made the red heart, others are at me, said, parents should not enter! I hasten to say that I am a candidate pulled out a ticket, others I looked a long time before being allowed to go in."
Now, Liang real child has read a sophomore, will also participate in the college entrance examination next year. "I have confidence in this year admitted, if not pass the test, will test next year's." He said that in 2002 and 2006 college entrance examination,hogan donna, "everyone else at me, said,air max thea, parents do not go in, I quickly pulled out a ticket say I am a candidate,longchamp homme, others see a long time before allowing me to go. "
This year, Liang real Jinniu apply again, shortly before physical examination, he was again the parents as others. "On several occasions I have made the red heart, but I still have to test, I just did not give up, is to circle the college dream." Liang truth, he does not explicitly require professional, previously had to apply for Beijing Medical University clinical medicine and Southwest University of Political Science of Investigation professional. If you do well this year, he expects the election Sichuan Department of Mathematics.
"Now the review and take the exam, is part of my life." In the beam real car, a few books at any time, even if there is business to deal with, but also for taking the time to go and Kanji Yan.
Family view
He reviewed when playing mahjong
"He told people to play mahjong, like the college entrance examination, as a part of his life,louboutin france pas cher, and did not get into very painful and not as many people."
Already married and a few old men still take the exam,scarpe hogan online, the family how to look "The wife began to call me much work, especially in 2002 had never been seen." Liang truth, after all, they have to make money to support their families. In addition to a timber in Shuangliu, his wife was still Fuson US furniture decoration materials market to do business. "But my wife was later understood that better reading than go out to play cards."
Liang glad to get real understanding of his family, but also did not understand the real beam Qidi Liu Chao before the move, but "now understand, he told people to play mahjong, like the college entrance examination, as is a part of his life." Yesterday, Liu Chao told reporters that he felt that her husband is to review as a treat, as people like to play cards and travel, like, not like a lot of people do not get into very painful.
"He does not feel how tired every day review have, because to fulfill their dreams, will relentlessly pursue. In addition, he also did not like the college entrance others to find a good job, there is a good future, because he is the boss , already wealthy. "
The reporter Zhuchu Hua photo coverage
13 times before the college entrance road beam real
Year college entrance entrance examination, the results of
1983 graduated from high school for the first time in the pre-enrollment college entrance exams and unsuccessful
1984 next higher weight but the same year took part in the preliminary examination of the pre-test again unsuccessful
1985 pre-college entrance exam to enroll again unsuccessful, then later to Leshan Roll Factory secondary technical school reading
1986 4th in the pre-enrollment college entrance exams same unsuccessful, then went to Neijiang to do odd jobs
1987 In Review Neijiang few months back Renshou first through a pre-enrollment college entrance exam, but the official entrance examination only 400 extra points, the exam
1988 college entrance examination and then to return to Renshou 400 pay would get the job
1989 7th Renshou 400 extra points to take the exam or exam
1990 Neijiang pay would get the job reference is still 400
1991 has not escaped formal participation in the work of reference 400 points as the "curse"
1992 due married, only to participate in advlt college entrance examination failed ideals taking institutions
2002 common entrance canceled due to age and marital restrictions in Chengdu Reference 370 extra points
Registration reference 2003 in Chengdu,nike air max femme pas cher, not the examination hall due to illness, no score
Registration reference 2006 in Chengdu, 380 extra points






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