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I am trying to use Stonehedge to get the last few thousand points I need to reach level 70 before the game closes but it goes straight from active to collect - I've tried three times twice I've had to use crowns to activate it - I assume it's not working because you can only use one buff at a time and I still have the Uprootus Heave Active from the Mandragora fiasco that I had to buy my way thru. If there is still someone around can you please remove the Uprootus from my game.

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Moderator HiddenGuardian was last spotted on 4/13. I think at this point we are on our own. Since you can only get 250 points at a time from Stonehedge, you might be better off collecting from some of our newer buildings ( a few of them give lots of exp) or using the purple experience potions you get from level 4 in the Alchemy Workshop.
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I doubt anyone is reading anything over here. Here are the houses you can collect to get a lot of XP very fast.

Derek's House 1000 XP every 8 hours
Garretts Hideout 500 or 750 XP every 8 hours
Jamie's House 35 XP every 6 hours
Eruwen's Lab 30 XP every 3 hours
Nature's Wedding Altar 100 XP every 8 hours
Drawing Board 100 XP every day
Training Complex 200 XP every 8 hours
Embers Cave 200 XP every 12 hours
Hero's Tavern 5 XP every hour, without spending energy
Fountain of Youth, Weather House, Star-crossed Telescope, Stairways to the Skies, Snow Globe 10XP every day

If you can still use any spells on creature's ,10 XP every time you use one, use the Shakedown Spell on the housing quarter one XP for every house in there and the phantom Farmer with all the plots filled with crops one XP for every crop.
Alchemy Workshop used at Tier 4 is giving 10 XP every time used + Charmstones you can use on the Chocolate Fountain to generate some extra energy and gives regularly Supreme XP potion = 100 XP.
If you have any "prizes" left from parties, they contain a lot of XP and check you consumables. (make some last roasted chicken, 10 XP.
And spent all your energy in Lands End and the Fairy Realm, even if you don't need anything. Adds another 30+ each day.

I hope this is enough for you to get there, good luck.
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