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Since I have not seen any list of catering orders I figured I would make one. This will be a work in progress as I have a little time here and there to work on this for the next few days. The format I will use is the following:

Name of dish
Main Reward for completion
Number and name of dishes needed

I will not be adding the asks as they, in my opinion, are insignificant compared to the cooking portion. I will also not be posting times to complete for 3 star rating since most are 3 days. Only a handful are 5 days. I will also be listing them in the way the catering guide has them if you were to click next order when done.
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Heather Kush
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Birthday Party
Birthday Cupcake
23 Triple Berry Cheesecake
7 Clubhouse Sandwich
90 Bacon Cheeseburger

7th Inning Snacks
Ballpark Meal
525 Corndog
175 Philly Cheesesteak
100 Rackasaurus Ribs
75 Stargazer Pizza

Graduation Party
Graduation Cake
5 Spicy Devil Egg
64 Artichoke Dip

Dinner Party
Rack of Lamb
41 Savory Stuffed Turkey
40 Angel Fruit Cake
180 Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail
72 Spicy Devil Eggs

New Years Party
2011 Monument
Mini Crab Cakes 138 times
Serve Beef Skewers 138 times
Serve Salmon Rillettes 75 times
Serve Bread Pudding 75 times

OK Karaoke
Karaoke Machine
Serve Sushi Spread 160 times
Serve Atomic Buffalo Wings 150 times
Serve Ice Cream Sundae 175 times

Grampas BBQ
Catering Tent
Serve Voodoo Chicken Salad 180 times
Serve Chocolate Cream Pie 95 times
Serve BBQ Chicken 150 times

Fire Cracking Feast
Lucky Rabbit Waiter
Serve White Radish Cake 100 times
Serve Crackling Peking Duck 40 times
Serve Kung Pao Stir Fry 55 times

Corporate Luncheon
Tuna Melt
Serve King Crab Bisque 98 times
Serve Dino Drumstick 180 times
Serve Ice Cream Sundae 80 times
Serve Macaroni and Cheese 120 times

Party at the Ski Lodge
Cheese Fondue
Serve Homestyle Pot Roast 50 times
Serve Belgian Waffles 50 times
Serve Powdered French Toast 50 times

Upgrade your Catering Business
Big Pig Catering
40 Belgian Waffles

Baby Shower
Finger Sandwiches
113 Angel Fruit Cake
138 BBQ Chicken
75 Creme Fraiche Caviar

Holiday Dinner
Toy Workshop Bench
127 Waldorf Salad
138 Baked Ham
63 Angel Slices

Red Carpet Refreshment
Truffled Popcorn
125 Sushi Spread
60 Creme Fraiche caviar
30 Tonys Classic Pizza

Sunday Brunch
Banana Nut Muffin
Serve Eggs Benedict 195 times
Serve Lox Bagel 195 times
Serve Belgian Waffles 120 times
Serve Powdered French Toast 120 times

Cater the Winter Ball
Snowflake Cake
Serve Steak Dinner 150 times
Serve Creme Fraiche Caviar 300 times
Serve Jumb Shrimp Cocktail 250 times

Rock the Backstage Party
Rock Concert Guitar
Serve Vegas Buffet 138 times
Serve Blood Sausage 100 times
Serve Overstuffed Peppers 138 times

Feed the Irish Feast
St Pattys Day Cooler
200 Irish Stew
55 Corned Beef and Cabbage
55 Mince Tartlets
30 Rice Pudding
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Micah Judaeah
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Company Holiday Party
Snack Platter
Serve Clubhouse Sandwich 178 times
Serve Spicy Devil Eggs 90 times

Lomi Lomi Luau
Chicken Long Rice
525 Lau Lau
525 Lomi Lomi Salmon
50 Haupia

Make Mardi Gras Merry
New Orleans Gumbo
Serve Fish n Chips 400 times
Serve Voodoo Chicken Salad 50 times
Serve Seafood Paella 50 times

Magical Tea Party
Unbirthday Cake
Serve Stuffed Mushrooms 150 times
Serve Creme Fraiche Caviar 300 times
Serve Jammin' Jelly Donuts 250 times

The Banquet
Veggie Sushi
Serve Crackling Peking Duck 80 times
Serve White Radish Cake 40 times
Serve Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail 80 times

Kickoff Cookout
Big Game TV
175 Philly Cheesesteak
40 Mac and Cheese
40 Funnel Cakes

Spring Fling
Crab Spring Roll
550 Lemon Butter Lobster
250 Seafood Paella
150 Sirius Sorbet

Book Club Brunch
Book Party Platter
108 Stuffed Mushrooms
77 Impossible Quiche

Dog Show Dinner
Hush Puppies
216 Smoked Salmon Latkes
308 Shu Mai Dumplings
35 Ginger Plum Pork Chop

Lake Party Picnic
Nut Crusted Lake Trout
185 Seafood Paella
262 Spicy Devil Eggs
88 Sirius Sorbet

Picture Perfect Prom
Pinwheel Sandwiches
162 Steak Dinner
262 Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail
58 Ice Cream Sundae

Renaissance Feast
Olde Turkey Leg
216 Royal Feast
284 Dino Drumstick
88 Blood Sausage

Album Release Party
Cocktail Weenies
375 Creme Fraiche Caviar
100 Lavish Lamb Curry
115 Kung Pao Stir Fry

Picnic at the Park
Cranberry Casserole
375 Ranch Beans
115 Red Burrito
115 Spiced Ham

Feed the Fashion Show
Red Velvet Cake
110 Stuffed Mushroom
70 Escargot
100 Shu Mai Dumpling

Cater a School Lunch
Fish Sticks
225 Fiery Fish Tacos
55 Corn Dogs
50 Tonys Classic Pizza

Baby Naming Party
Sweet Potato Pancake
275 Smoked Salmon Latkes
70 Homestyle Pot Roast
75 Jammin Jelly Donuts

Wedding Rehearsal
Chicken Risotto
120 Herbed Halibut
120 Ginger Pork Chop
70 Bruschetta
40 Parisian Baguette
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Help Out the Hoedown
Rootin Tootin Ribeye
400 four bean chili
120 skillet cornbread
120 BBQ corn
30 -- 40 oz steaks

Opening Night
Big Ol' Cookie Cake
400 smoked salmon latke
90 lavish lamb curry
30 veggie lasagna
24 delicious chocolate cake

Cater the Sock Hop
Drive-in Meal
30 meat cravers pizza
25 onion rings
200 chef salad
500 choco scotch clusters

Soap Box Supper
Fried Chicken Sandwich
100 tonys classic pizza
35 basil finger sandwich
20 clubhouse sandwich
300 bacon cheeseburgers

Cook for the Crafts Show
Crafty 3 Bean Salad
200 fish and chips
60 pita dolmas
60 pumpkin pie

Dinner at the Shelter
Sausage and Lentil Stew
400 french onion soup
125 basil finger sandwich
75 mini crab cakes
3 summer jumbalaya

Cook for the Campers
200 mac and cheese
180 belgian waffles
100 fish and chips

Cater the Family Reunion
Mamas Meatloaf
300 perfect tune casserole
25 homestyle pot roast
125 BBQ chicken
60 gem cakes

Cater the Fleet Week
Spicy King Crab Legs
40 king crab bisque
200 jumbo shrimp cocktail
30 nut crusted lake trout
125 apple crumb

Gallery Opening
Mona Lisa
400 mocha pecan brownies
500 lox bagels
300 pita dolmas

Movie Set
Autographed Portrait
20 pepperoni pizza
40 spicy tuna rolls
900 angel fruit cake

Fairy Tales on Ice
Italian Ice
10 sticky buns
500 sirius sorbet
200 ice cream sundaes

Surf Competition
600 voodoo chicken salad
200 shepherd pie
15 onion ring

Run for Charity
Protein Bars
800 community cook off
600 tostada de carne asada
400 engagement chicken

Science Fair
Bubbling Volcano
700 seafood paella
600 gem cake
500 stuffed portabellas

Speed Dating
Chocolate Strawberries
780 voodoo chicken salad
500 mini crab cakes
20 beef bourgignon

Nature Hike
Roasted Marshmallows
999 coffee rubbed burgers
799 java short ribs
499 philly cheesesteak

Laugh Factory
Chocolate Pretzels
200 seafood paella
80 white radish cake
40 banana bread
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Help Out Toy Drive
Pinwheel Cookies
400 gingerbread men
400 coconut snowballs
150 spitfire roasted chicken

New Years Breakfast in the Park
Texas French Toast
??? funky monkey pudding
450 spaghetti and meatballs
750 fish and chips

Holiday Tree Lighting
Roast Holiday Goose
400 holiday stollen
500 holiday cheese balls
500 pumpkin pie

Exhibit at the Louvre
Apple Tarte Tatin
999 french onion soup
799 pot au feu
499 chicken marengo

Cruise on the Seine
Creme au Caramel
999 pumpkin pie
899 braised rabbit
799 waterzooie

Cater the Gaelic Games
Gaelic Boxty
999 snowflake cake
799 irish breakfast
699 apple bramble cake

Business Upgrade I
Crawfish Etoufee
300 jumbo shrimp cocktail
300 tony classic pizza
150 angel fruitcake

Business Upgrade II
Golden Anniversary Cake
400 crawfish etoufee
300 late night snacks
500 spicy devil eggs

Business Upgrade III
Chicken Kiev
800 golden anniversary cake
700 friday pizza
400 choco cream pie

Freds Chance I
Kahlua Pig
300 homestyle pot roast
350 clubhouse sandwiches
400 carnival popcorn

Freds Chance II
Cosplay Souffle
450 kahlua pig
550 jalapeno poppers
600 dino drumstick

Freds Chance III
Manga Burger
800 cosplay souffle
900 snocones
699 savory stuffed turkey

Susies Booth I
Red Beans and Rice
300 choco cream pie
350 pumpkin pie
400 chicken on a stick

Susies Booth II
Super Hero Sub
400 red beans and rice
600 pizza cone
650 caramel apples

Susies Booth III
Cajun Bread Pudding
800 super hero sub
900 saltwater taffy
500 crackling peking duck

Alaska Cruise
Seafood Medley
999 jumbo shrimp cocktail
799 moose stew
499 smoked salmon pizza

Roman Feast
Roman Saltimbecca
999 triple berry cheesecake
799 empadinhas
499 steak dinners

African Safari
Smoked Snoek
999 belgian waffles
799 baked red snapper
499 pumpkin pie
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No Name
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Marguerite Dabrin
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This is cool. Are you going to include the asks too?
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ashleigh bryden
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I may eventually go back and add the asks, though at the moment those are a low priority. I figure people are probably more worried about what to cook than what to collect. I do have one huge suggestion though. Since Z is taking away caters, finish at least one of each set so you keep the whole set. I didn't finish even one of the Cherry Blossom and have therefore lost all 3 supposedly forever.
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Tyrone Haywood
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I may eventually go back and add the asks, though at the moment those are a low priority. I figure people are probably more worried about what to cook than what to collect. I do have one huge suggestion though. Since Z is taking away caters, finish at least one of each set so you keep the whole set. I didn't finish even one of the Cherry Blossom and have therefore lost all 3 supposedly forever.
I don't think that works. I only finished one of the bird watching orders before I went on vacation, and now they are gone.

If you need help with the asks let me know. This is a neat project, but making it complete would be a lot more useful. IMO, the asks are more of a pain then the cooking, so it's just as important to know how many are required.
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Dawn Farrell
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I may eventually go back and add the asks, though at the moment those are a low priority. I figure people are probably more worried about what to cook than what to collect. I do have one huge suggestion though. Since Z is taking away caters, finish at least one of each set so you keep the whole set. I didn't finish even one of the Cherry Blossom and have therefore lost all 3 supposedly forever.
It doesn't work that way. If you finish one and not the other two, and they disable incomplete caters, you will forever see the one (or two) you completed, but not the remainder.

Which I think is just a major load of dung. If you show that you want to do them and complete at least one, they SHOULD remain active for you. Taking them away is absolutely uncalled for. I mean, there are, by my count, more than 100 missions there (111 if you count those six even if expired); what harm is leaving two more missions there really going to do? I mean, when the current missions are completed, if the older ones all get taken away, will I not become more bored with the game and be more likely to stop playing, thus taking away potential ad revenue?

Common sense here, gameshs!

Regarding adding ASKS: without starting and cancelling every individual mission he is unable to tell whether it's a POST or an ASK. It's more of a pain doing that than just finding out when you start the mission.

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Thank you Gland and Cyclone for your responses. As far as me saying that once you start one all should be left in a set, well considering the source is only truthful half the time when they say know who I am speaking of by your "common sense here" quote
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