As if I'd let gameshs delete $100,000 of work I care about

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if they do delete it rather than shelve it. Here is where I'll post my month's work reading and gathering the game. But first let me discuss whether this is licit by the community rules. Broadly the rules are defined retrodictively and circularly: Use gameshs how gameshs approve and not how gameshs don't approve. So I will wait until a director or lawyer objects to the dissemination of a dead, buggy, broke project.

3.B. on collecting or harvesting of other user's[sic] content or information is expressly broken by social media, whether gameshs itself, fan sites, or any forum. gameshs cannot enforce what other parties do on their consent.

6.A,C,D.: All content came from eye- and hand-curation by browser, the main of which are public assets which require no account and the lave which require a session to my own account but whose sensitive information I took out. The hashed assets make up about 37,000 files or 1.9 GB which took 2h15m to download off one of gameshs's servers. By contrast, a game session may stream 15 MB and over the lifetime of the game 50 GB of mostly the same data, besides the advert and marketing leeches. I think the players would like and respect it if these assets sat on their computer, like a decent firmware game, to cut down on lag and costs. These files are not private.

6.F.: Every modern browser can see where they come from and let the player take and delve them. Then I included select revisions as commented below, indices of those bucket lists, game associated files and paths, revisions of the gameshs bar, and my user and worlds and neighbor bar worlds, all in the hopes new developers or amateurs can learn and be helped from gameshs's mistakes. Below are some of the folder indices:

CastleVille camPfirE/
./Until we meet again.txt
./ ##0-3/
./ ##1-4/
./CastleVille camPfirE.ico
./Icon.icns ##append carriage return to name ##1-4/

./10030 ##first ASCII sort, 10 localizations, complete/
./10061 ##complete/
./10790 ##complete/
./17407 ##launch revision, 27 localizations/
./17433 ##first update, complete/
./18151 ##first Flash 10/
./24485 ##last Malay/
./31438 ##last foreign kit/
./42922 ##first patch/
./43189 ##last Japanese & Korean/
./45665 ##last XML locales, FacebookIcons/
./61656 ##last nonbroken GameSettings/
./61759 ##first broken GameSettings/
./67286 ##17 localizations, complete/
./67677 ##last public %3fcastles%3f, marker/
./8656 ##first public %3fcastles%3f, complete/
./hashed ##see ..%3fcastleville%3fhashed%3f/
./images ##see ..%3fcastleville%3fimages%3f/

CastleVille came out with 23 languages, 4 redundant, 1 fake "Anglo-Saxon", but it seems 12 of the files were still offline. These folders include every last language released. The comment markup is mine. As for the narrative design department, the Texan spelling really shows in the quest files.

./65701 ##first %2fcastleville%2f, marker/
./74708 ##last revision, complete/

This gleaning comes out to 3.75 GB, about 200 MB of which were files with duplicate names and sizes which I made hard links. Also our world files, in another host path, come to almost 200 MB. Sadly it looks like gameshs deleted Amouria and Bedford Manor; the game would crash when I would load their names. But somewhere on this forum I left a 88MB gif of Bedford Manor! Also sadly I cannot do anything about the terabytes of players' files that are nonetheless mostly idle, a lot of which were corrupt and reset. I think one can call a player's world who isn't a friend, by zid alone; it's been reported here a few times players got visitors or requesters they didn't know. If there are any players of note I hope to see their work too, somewhere (doubtful).

Tools: Waterfox, curl, EditPad Lite, DownThemAll!. I took out tags between links with regex and loaded the file with the downloader, but only when there were thousands. I awfully took the revision resources by hand, and it took weeks to see which to keep. The top folder comes with a Windows and Mac format icon of the campfire you see in a new game, as a sprite however as I can't make animated file icons, and I couldn't find a way to enter a control code in a filename with Windows so the Mac icon needs that or a drag to the folder info icon. A file is also hardlinked to the campfire hash Flash animation that opens in a browser.

Next up is the other stuff gameshs are about to wipe. Tools: Waterfox, Graph API Explorer, EditPad Lite, DownThemAll!, PhotoGrabber. What I couldn't find XML for by Facebook's API, like the apps and notes, I copied the HTML of. I couldn't find indices for Facebook's convoluted image paths so I used one of its API v1 utilities that should also break on the same date, PhotoGrabber. Those also came to thousands of posts. Extra time spent on the API tutorial and looking for export utilities. Thanks to the self-destructive access of these messages, I can't or wouldn't record every FB post; it's better to let everyone some time to react. A copy of this message shall go on the fan sites and petition.

CastleVille scrapbook/
./ ##URLs/
./Until we meet again.txt
./ ##URLs/

./videos ##nothing

These come to about 450 MB.

Links to free hosts and share files go here when I get them online [watch this thread]:


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